LETS Analyze Site Intro

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This site hopes to help provide insight into the understanding and analysis of citizen science. In particular this site looks to help people turn numerical data into meaningful graphical data -- that is both relevant to visualize biology as it is now.

This LETS (Local Environmental Transect Survey) data set records tree species distribution and circumfrence (at ~1.3 meters hight). This lends itself to transectional analysis of species distribution and plant growth. Biologically, these are indicators of optimal enviorns for a given species. Overtime, this will also allow longitudinal (time based) studies of changes, which would indicate environmental changes. Transect studies are easily visualized with Kit graphs and are easily done without sophisticated tools.

There is more one can do with this data, however, this instructions on this site focus on studying the species distribution along this transect.
If you choose to use this data for other studies we would enjoy hearing about it and collaborating with you.

The LETS Study project, a citizen science project sponsored by LAS (Leysin American School).